50 open source alternatives

Virtual Flying Dukes JmonkeyEngine

Make a shorter link, URLTea, SimURL, MetaMark, Xrl.us, TrimURL, BabyURL, shurl, snip Tiny URL whacking.

Office 2007 viewers

UML reference

The war on terror as viewed from the Bourne Shell

Text to WAV file

Test my speed, DNS checker

Free unix accounts
Telnet from Siberia to detect changed url

Crash the computer/URL or just profile the OS
Read environment variables, SpeedTest URL performance or find Media Access Control addresses
Read Cache, 10 URLS of cache or I. P. address, atlas, and geocaching index
Firewall comparison, Tech Cache, Kevin on demand in a live hacker environment
GoogleDorks, Identifont, Downloadpedia, FlashMob computing, Nanode
Test your machine for the clipboard java security hole

VisualRoute ::: java telnet/SSH ::: WebVeil-Proxys4all TCP/UDP port lookup, get pay phone numbers, and a nice base converter
SamSpade/UXN ::: LibCDrom ::: HTTP to DNS ::: Trace Route and Public Proxies, Netcraft server identification and Open Relay Blackhole Zones

MPSA and Microsoft Training, IBM1401
Windows 2000 commands; also DOS 7, Debian Grub
Win(dows) e(mulator) Tips
VOIP and OS comparison charts
Windows event IDs, services, history
How to use vi
PHP reference

Talk about Digital Divide!
The computer books at the library are found in section 004-005.
My current obsession is Kinect

                              (o  o)
                              ( .. ) 
 |                                                             |
 |  I e-mail friends using signatures that contain ASCII Art,  |
 |    which is embellished by extended ASCII characters.       |
 |  ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange |
 |                                                             |
 |  You can see this in my game Domain Country, but I haven't  |
 | Really gotten into l33t, the language of the cyber-freaks,  |
 | at least not yet. If you have trouble viewing my ASCII art, |
 |  it's probably because your e-mail program is font-enabled. |
 |      Just copy and paste into Notepad or SimpleText.        |
 |                                                             |
                              |  |  |
                              |  |  |
                               || || 
                               || || 
                              ooO Ooo 
Download IM2, Shoot the Messenger, Resource Kits, Star Office, Linux distributions, Tiny Personal Firewall, Proxomitron, compression utilities, Windows Cleanup, Adobe PDF reader or create PDFs
Graphics Workshop, QuickTime, PowerPoint97 templates, IEradicator, Analyzer
HotDispatch solutions Allow the Secure Shell to replace telnet
Connected: Internet Encyclopedia and ZD's webopedia and a list of web browsers Online Computing Dictionary, CNET's glossary of internet terms Executive Summary of the internet, RFC documents, basic UNIX commands, and File Systems Librarian's index, FaqChest, and Every FAQ out there IBM redbooks, BetaNews
Acronym finder and Usenet acronyms - List of File Extensions and their descriptions + graphics file formats and Theora video players
List of area codes, port assignments, and American ISP's like AT&T and Access-4-free
Encyclopedia of virus names and news bulletin Runtime DLL world and Registry guides
Web site promotion resources, Xenu Link Checker and who links to your web site Mailing list archives at MARC and DejaNews (acquired by Google) Where to find a cyber cafe and Web Developer Features supported in different browsers. How to read full email headers The top 500 supercomputers in the world

Worldwide Email directory

Search Engines and queries

Internet technology resources:
Computer Science Libraries

Bootstrap *** Jerusalem *** Maryland *** Pittsburgh *** Springer LINK *** Viriginia *** SUNY Brook *** Stanford *** The TextFiles, Protovision, Retrocomputing Museum has Hunt the Wumpus for unix

History of Computing, Virtual Museum of Computing, Obsolete Computer Museum
Turing awards
Internet Archive
Open Source licenses, Numerical Recipes in C

Search for BitTorrents with Bitoogle
SearchShots gives thumbnails of search hits
Collossus catalogs by country
CompletePlanet searches the 'deep web' for database info using Lexibot and Intelliseek searches the 'invisible web'.
iRover does special interest searches.
Magi does an insane Search
TechBC and Pro-Fusion are reference portals
W3 and IX meta searches

Answer Sleuth * Beaucoup * A big list
Submit to 17 search engines! Add a search engine to your site

* Afghana * Albany University * All the web * Belgian Search * Bigstuff * Botspot * CoolGoose * Danish Jubii * Daypop * DejaNews (usenet) * DownSeek * Earthcam * Froogle * Full Riot Pussycat * Galaxy * Gnome * HistoSearch * HotSheet * Hypernews * ICQSearch * ILOR * Infoseek * InternetTrash * iTools * Jayde * Jumpy.It * Kartoo en francais * Mbolo * Mongolian * MonkeySweat * Newsbot * Northern Light * Oglobo (for Brazilian) * Old EuroFerret * Profusion * REX * Scrub the web * Slider * Taiwan OpenFind * Teoma * VidBot * Vivisimo * What U seek * Wisenut

Who2 for famous people

For China: GTER, HiNet, Omnitalk, PKU
For India: Khoj, Rediff, Samachar
For Iran: Gooya

Image using Google, ESP, Ditto, AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos, IXquick, and Kidsclick
French photo search with Voila

Spanish Search with Buscopio or PicoSito
South Africa Search with Ananzi or Wananchi Slovenia and Slovakia searches

Java lessons Logs from Defcon are at shmoo Broadband library java telnet, shovelware refers to dead content vi cheat sheet NT recovery Internet storm center cluster status PGP Current FreeBSD ISO8859 handbook Plan9 linux scripts Memory intensive applet MacTech Macintosh security MacBSD BIND TechRepublic channels Packetstorm Irix5 Cccure Cryptcat Win2K readiness SFHN Privasec Some message scheme repositories: Biztalk XML.ORG RosettaNet (uses dictionary, framework, and PIPs) Commerce.Net started in 1994 Tim servers: Stratum 1 and Stratum 2 servers + and Oracle commands check browser for vulnerabilities SpybotSD can get rid of some trojans Perl textbook Linux router out of DreamCast Cryptolaw scan computer root stuff robots password RomOMatic How C programming works speed test computerworld article
Spam relay testers: Iinet:::Ufrj:::Ordb:::Glidewell

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