Allstate account access account 9840-72960 issue #2469

Ameritrade, E-trade, National Discount Brokers and Knight/Trimark
TGSLC WitCapital offers IPO's, venture capital, etc.
M.H.Meyerson has biochem experience
J.B.Oxford Holdings has DRIPS for many companies and is based in Hillard, Ohio
Southwest Securities not on-line yet Marquis management has condos in UT area
Classified section of Austin American Statesman
Locate missing money
Salary Calculator to compare U.S.cities
Paypal (charge your credit card to give money to friends)

FreeMerchant and BigStep let you build a web business, eCongo creates ads
VA property listings and Habitat for Humanity
** Siebert
America's 100 fastest growing companies
Best internet brokers
Telecom company information
Lowest interest rates around
Stockpoint portfolio to track the NASDAQ's
Stockmaster portfolio to track AMEX stocks
Excite's stock finder
High tech indices

Magazines and Newspapers
The Bull Market Report and Bear Tracker
Upside magazine for technology stocks
Business Week : Forbes : Financial Times (European newspaper)
Finding the bad guys
Defrauded! A list of known fraudulent stocks
Bankrupt companies Stock Detective
Complain to ASDR
DayTraders - Two weeks of free advice
NetStock Direct (dochamp bertie)

Educational resources

Elliott Wave Theory
WebStreetSecurities in NY ($14.95/trade; free 1000 NASDAQs over $2) account 933-42919-1-2
Brown & Co. has $5 market trades
Virtual stock exchange (dochamp)
Virtual U
New Horizon's investing
Investor words - glossary of words used by investors
Trading tactics
Financial wise university
Finance-wise - a financial search engine
Small cap investor
Stockgroup Find-a-fund Networth galt PAWWS.SECAPL.COM Free.ino with sweepstakes C-NET's Investor news
NeatMoney Market News
CPI and other good indicators
Global Exposure (indicators)
Public debt
Econimic Indicators (report to Congress)
Economic Census information conducted in years ending with a 2 or 7
IPO central - find out about the latest initial public offerings on the stock market
Data Broadcasting Corporation
Bigcharts - to examine stock trends
Fidelity Investments
IQC's technical info and DOW charts - moving averages, volume averages, stochastics, momentum, RSI
Silicon Investor's Company profiles
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Raging Bull's chat forum

Web sites mentioned in the Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal
Smart Money
Dow Jones Interactive
Wall Street Journal information
Price Line
EverGreen Funds
JANUS mutual funds
NTKI's music blvd.
The Scotsman - Scottish newspaper
BEYOND - Software company that makes Tomb Raider and Madden99

Swedish stocks

Swedish stock exchange and Nordic Forecasts
Swedish exchange rates
Bergwester's Scandinavian Financial Review
Ekonomi + Teknik förlag AB - consulting magazines
Kurser péî Stockholmsbörsen

Other stock exchanges

Japan Nikkei Weekly's cover story and summary of contents
Japanese stock quotes using candlesticks on charts
Note: Toshiba is 6502, Sony is 6758, Honda is 7267
Indonesia Thailand Pakistan Hong Kong Singapore Africa Belgium
The world's stock markets at a glance and economic indicators