David Kinney's U.S. Navy Experience on board USS Enterprise CVN-65

I was a nuclear machinist's mate in RM11 on the
USS Enterprise CVN-65. It's the Navy's showboat and has been featured in movies like Star Trek IV even when it's actually the USS Ranger. Public relations video and audio remind me that the military is a life-changing experience, to be certain. Some of that is documented in King Paul's mooj. I was in #1plant, but here's a site chronicling the lives of #2plant losers; I actually recognize these faces.
The Naval Media Center has current Navy news, and I like to look at these pictures on a weekly basis. Someone has even built a computer like the Enterprise, and here's a Numa Numa spoof

MIDI sound of 'In the Navy'

2 pictures of David at Navy Nuclear School in Orlando, Florida The very back end of the ship
Looking down at a much smaller ship docked at NAS Alameda View of stern with planes overhanging
David jogging on the flight deck of USS Enterprise CVN-65
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Hong Kong
My favorite port of call was Thailand because I loved the curvey letters in their alphabet. My second favorite was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I went white water rafting. My least favorite port of call was Singapore, because it was Christmas Day and there was nothing to do, and besides, I smashed my thumb just before going ashore. Bummer.